Warranty Administrator

Position Summary

METCO distributes material goods to consumers. Often, factory warranties are extended to customers at the time of purchase and guarantee that the item will work at least until a certain time-period is over. If the product fails during this time, METCO may submit a warranty claim to obtain a refund or a replacement, depending on the warranty terms.

The warranty administrator documents, validates, and resolves warranty claims. This person will be responsible for tracking and monitoring the documentation and billing of service warranties and equipment commissioning. The warranty administrator works within the service department, communicates with manufacturers and technicians, and secures replacement parts.

Essential Duties

  • Manage all warranty claims (and equipment commissioning).
  • Check, verify, process, document and file warranty (and commission) forms.
  • Research, review, and process all warranty claims.
  • Handle the shipment of defective parts and arrange for the delivery of replacement parts (or receipt of credit).
  • Assist various departments in fulfilling all warranty-related requests.
  • Communicate with the service and parts managers to keep accurate inventory of incoming/outgoing warranty parts.
  • Assist customers with warranty documents.
  • Ensure claim legitimacy and adherence to warranty specification and agreements.
  • Monitor defective products.
  • Retrieve defective products from technicians.
  • Maintain accurate records regarding customers and warrantors.
  • Receive, reconcile, and record payment summaries from manufacturers.


  • Monday through Friday: 7:30 AM-4:30 PM
  • Reports to Hillsboro office.

Applicant Requirements

  • Requires a person who is highly organized and is attentive to details. This person should possess excellent written, electronic, and verbal communication skills and relevant computer skills.
  • Minimum 2 years of warranty and/or parts experience is preferred.
  • High school diploma or equivalent required.


Thank you for your interest in working for METCO!  To apply for any of our positions please send your resume, cover letter and a completed employment application (PDF) to:

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